Million Pound Challenge (The Blade Todays Date is: 11/24/2017
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This was a great project to work on with Kurt Franck & John Crisp from Toledo’s very own The Blade.
Weight Loss is a very important issue in a lot of our young youth and adults today.
Million Pound Challenge (The Blade
We helped to develop a Weight Loss program with The Blade to help those that sign up on the site to track their weight loss.
The concept behind the tracking system was fairly easy in theory.
Taking the information from the person’s Signup weight and subtracting that number from the person’s current weight to get their previous weight to get their current weight at login.
Confused? Well, look at it this way.
If your Signup weight is: 134.
Your height is: 5’2.
Your gender is: Female.
Your Age is: 15yrs old.

So, what you do is you look at your body build and what your weight should be.
Let’s say that you should be: 105lbs for your height?

OK, this is how the system works.
You take your Signup weight of 134lbs.
During your next few weeks you will add in your current login weight
which will give you your overall weight loss at the end of the program.
The next time that you login you will add in your current weight, submitting this in will
Give you your total loss between:
Signup – Current – Total (Signup to 3 weeks into program)
134lbs – 123lb = 11lbs loss
(Your Current weight will now become your Previous weight)
Previous – Current (3 weeks into program to 6 weeks into program)
123lbs – 105lbs = 18lbs loss
Total = 29lbs loss overall.
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