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WMS (Weight & Body Management System)
The first fully automatic Social Networking Health Site on the Internet.
We are very proud of this venture, and welcome one and all to give it a test run.
The site has a 7 Day Trial Period for all WMS Members, and the Organization enrollment is FREE!

We welcome one and all to give it a shot, you lose nothing by testing the site out.
All Companies of any size, as well as Gyms, Fitness Clubs and school fitness programs.
This site is for members only and you have to be a part of a company or club (Gyms included) to join.
For security purposes, the WMS does not allow for single member enrollment like other Social Networking sites on the Internet.

The WMS is a site that is built on the same technology that was used when designing the
Toledo Blade's Million Pound Challenge, except there is a lot more to the WMS then you will find with the Million Pound Challenge.

The WMS takes the Million Pound Challenge and adds in a Weight Gain and Body Measurement scale that is unlike anything else available online today.
We also added in a Heart and Blood Pressure scale so that people are able to see if they are staying within a healthy limit while they are working out or dieting.
We added in a much asked for Friends feature that is private (as in, only the Member logged in can view their Friends, no one else can view another members friends list). This is set up like this, to help a person concentrate on the things that matter in their online WMS life, like themselves and their real friends, instead of worrying about who has more friends--you or them.
Along with the Friends feature, we added in a Blog (Create Blogs on your life, what you feel and what you enjoy and your ambitions and your goals to becoming a better "you") as well as a Mail Messaging System, so you can keep in touch with everyone that you know on the WMS. Plus many more features that you will just have to see for yourself.

The WMS is something that we are extremely proud of. If the site can help just one person get healthier than they are today, then the goal has been reached and we will be happy.
As our motto states: Helping America Get Healthy 1 Person at a Time.

We are looking toward the future for the WMS, and we hope that you will be a part of it. The WMS is nothing without you being involved in something so special that you are sure to be proud of.
The future is ours, so let's make the best of it, and let's start getting healthy, 1 person at a time!

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Weight & Body Management System
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