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Welcome to Carrz-Fox-Fire Promotions©2000-2009 Coding Designs.
We specialize in ASP and Access Database programming.
We are now starting to do work with CSS (Cascade Style Sheets).
CSS is very useful when designing sites that are very coding intense.
CSS allows you to take out a majority of your layout and move it to other pages.
This in return makes a site look better, and also load faster.

ASP (Active Server Pages) programming is something that I personally have loved working
with since I first ventured into the language around 2001-2002.
ASP in conjunction with ®Microsoft Access Database & ®Microsoft SQL Server Databases,
Is the way to go if you want a data driven site that is powered by ®Microsoft Windows Servers.

Click on the links to the left in the menu to see what jobs that we have been involved in.
We love what we do, and look forward to working with you in making your dreams a reality.

Thank you for visiting us.
Wayne Barron (Owner, Developer, Designer, Programmer)
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