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Developing ASP and Access Database projects is out main priority.
I personally have always been interested in doing ASP-XML Development,
And working with Gareth (Gareth Tannatt Nash) from MalsonNash Media on his project
Was like a breath of fresh air. And a very welcomed project.
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MalsonNash Media -

From Gereth

Code Used: We required code to dynamically create XML RSS Feeds
we needed the code for two purposes, these being, firstly as an RSS feed
to allow visitors to keep up to date information without needing to return
to the site and secondly as a source to feed new vacancies to job
aggregators such as Wayne was very helpful and provided us
with everything we needed in a very fast and effective manner.

This project was quite simple once we had all the required tools to work with. Like for starters.
We needed to have a access to the database in order to design the script that was needed.
Gereth provided us with the db and we were on our way. The project took about 2 hours to design
But took longer to get everything to work properly. As we had to learn the structure of the database
That we was working with. And doing this took a little time. But the finished product was nothing short
Of spectacular.

It was a great experiance working with Gareth, and look forward to our next venture together.

Also we assisted with code help in the Email Notification for the Job Board System
with is working from the database to send out the e-mails with attachments.

Will continue to help and assist Gareth in this and other projects that he may have.
A wonder to work with.
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