CSS (Cascade Style Sheets) Todays Date is: 11/24/2017
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CSS (Cascade Style Sheets)
CSS is very useful when designing sites that are very coding intense.
CSS allows you to take out a majority of your layout and move it to other pages.
This in return makes a site look better, and also load faster.

CSS samples

<style type="text/css">
#MainTD {     /*MainTD = This is the name of the Table in your page*/
width: 100px;     /* Using Width in your HTML Elements is no longer a standard in
Web design according to XHTML Standards. So we use it here in our CSS, as it is a verified standard in CSS.*/
text-align: left;     /*This will align everything that is located within the Table to the Left*/
border: 1px #000000 double;     /*Look at this page, and you will see this used.
Border is set to 1px in width, Color is Black (#000000) and the border is
designed with a Double around the border, to give it a very nice smooth feel to the site.*/

And the Table code would look something like this.
<table id="MainTD">

As you can see in the table here, there is nothing else that needs to be done, it is all in the CSS and it is referenced through the Table ID="MainTD"
Else it would look like this:

<table width="100" border="1" bordercolor="#000000">

Lets look at this now.
width="100" is now an illegal reference in XHTML. So we no longer use it here, but in CSS we do.
The rest of the code is fine and is still in use, but it just looks a lot better if we use it in CSS instead of in our Page Elements.

Learning CSS is a good thing to do if you choose to design websites.
If you have any questions and would like more information on CSS
please choose [About Us] From the Menu, and choose [CSS]
and send me a note, I will be more than happy to give you information and guided assistance if you require it.

Thank You
Wayne Barron

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